KARO ECHO is the name of the Kensington Amateur Radio Operators (KARO) and the El Cerrito Ham Operators (ECHO) mutual benefit association, an all-volunteer non-profit group of amateur radio operators providing auxiliary communications for the cities of Kensington and El Cerrito in the event of a disaster. KARO ECHO works with CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) in Kensington and El Cerrito, but is not an official part of the CERT program.

KARO ECHO is not directly affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the Amateur Emergency Radio Service (ARES), or the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES).

Mission Statement

To provide skilled radio operators who can deliver reliable and effective radio communications for the El Cerrito and Kensington communities.

Weekly Radio Net

The KARO ECHO Training Net is every Thursday evening at 1900 (or after the WCCC RACES net, whichever is later) at 146.415 MHz Simplex

Meetings on the Second Monday each Month

KARO ECHO meets in-person on the 2nd Monday of each month at 1930 (7:30 PM) in Room 3 of the Kensington Community Center (59 Arlington Ave, Kensington, CA 94707). Beginning March 11 and onward KaroEcho will change its monthly meeting location to the Arlington Park Clubhouse

The Arlington Park Clubhouse is located in El Cerrito between Moeser Lane and Potrero Avenue at 1120 Arlington Blvd. 94530

Meeting Minutes are archived at the bottom of our PAST EVENTS page

Past Newsletters are available on our documents page: https://www.karoecho.net/documents

To learn more about KARO ECHO, you can read our Constitution , our Disaster Communications Plan, Past minutes at the bottom of our past events page, or browse our newsletters located near the bottom of our DOCUMENTS page..

Yearly dues are $30/year and $40 for a family membership. Your donation will help us serve our community. Mail and correspondence to:

KARO ECHO -- P.O. Box 2025 -- 6324 Fairmont Ave -- El Cerrito, CA. 94530-3651

"Neither snow nor rain, nor sleet, nor heat, nor fire bright, nor gloom of night,

Even though the earth doth shake

Stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"

~ Herodotus, 500 BCE (revised Karo-Echo version, 2018)

Executive Board Officers:

  • Emergency Coordinator, Jamuel, KM6HBO
  • President, Hal, KK6NDF
  • Treasurer, Larry, KK6GIO
  • Secretary, Natalie, KM6UCF
  • Vice President, Open. If interested contact Don, ni6a@arrl.net VP pro tem
  • Thursday Evening Net Manager, Howdy, KE6BEE
  • Newsletter Manager, Rob, K6RJM
  • Webmaestro and Outreach/Recruitment Lead: Rob, K6RJM (e-mail to info@karoecho.net)