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What is Amateur (Ham) Radio?

Amateur Radio Operators are Licensed by the FCC in accordance with Title 45 Part 97 of the FCC rules.

You can learn more about ham radio at the ARRL website's What is Ham Radio page and learn more about getting licenses at the ARRL Getting Licensed page.

Would you like more information about KARO ECHO? Please feel free to email us at or join us at one of our meetings. Everyone is welcome. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

KARO ECHO works closely with local CERT teams, so we highly recommend taking the free CERT class offered by the El Cerrito Fire Department

The following online courses are available for free through the FEMA website

Here is the full list of FEMA online courses

You can learn more about getting an amateur radio license at the ARRL website

Announcements of Local Area Ham Radio License Courses, Exams, and Newsletters

The Benecia Amateur Radio Club offers frequent ham cram courses and same day exams. The next ham cram and test is Oct 6. Check often to receive their updates and brochure.

The East Bay ARC (EBARC) frequently offers ham radio license courses and exams. EBARC is an excellent venue for recruitment. See

The Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club (MDARC) also offers courses and exams. See and

The Contra Costa Communications Club (CCCC) is a local ham radio repeater club that meets at Denny's El Cerrito (Potrero and San Pablo). They support many repeaters in our area and also have an excellent newsletter with relevant local announcements. See:

Join the Discussion, ask questions, share your ideas, and receive bulletins at KARO-ECHO's New Facebook Page

KARO/ECHO is the Auxiliary Radio Communications Organization for Kensington and El Cerrito

As a mutual benefit non-profit organization consisting of volunteers, KARO/ECHO is dedicated to provide skilled radio operators who are capable of providing reliable emergency and/or auxiliary radio communication services for the El Cerrito and Kensington communities. Our Radio Communications Services are primarily dedicated, in particular, but not exclusively, to aid the El Cerrito/Kensington Emergency Management System (EMS), the El Cerrito EOC and Fire Department, the Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), and other non-profit community service organizations when requested. KARO/ECHO intends to share resources with neighboring Mutual Assistance Teams should resources allow.

We are always in need of more ham radio operators in order to enhance our functionality. The more skilled radio operators that are available on a voluntary basis, the greater will be our ability to serve our neighbors and families in times of need.

Please join KAROECHO by following this link!